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Administer, calculate, analyze and report internal and external incentive and compensation payouts


Manage complex, scalable and multiphase lending processes and speed up lending decisions

Driverless AI

Develop and deploying AI models with high accuracy in the fastest time with automated AI platform


Hyperform (Payout and computation automation system), is an intuitive and adaptive solution for all your Incentive computation and management requirements, which can take in your headaches for the end-to-end payout process and keep your relationship with your partners concrete strong.

This solution will give your bank/ financial institution an edge in the market.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction in Errors
  • Improved Visibility
  • Complete Audit Trails
  • Hi-Speed, Error Free Computing
  • Saves Time and Cost

Graphic Policy Modeler

Configurable Workflow

Role-Based Access to All Stakeholders

Multi-Level Online & Email Approvals


Underwriter360 provides the required flexibility and agility to quickly build, modify and enhance the business applications that are agile & can quickly adapt to ever changing business needs. Built on Actico Rules Platform this solution enables business domain experts to easily build and maintain complex business logic.

Key Benefits:

  • Hi-business agility and shorter time to market
  • Decisions produced can be traced and retrieved
  • Minimise the risk and cost of updating
  • Unambiguous modeling of rules as either flow rules or decision tables in Actico Rules Modeller significantly increases the transparency of complex rules

Embedded Decision Rule Engine

Customer DeDuplication

Eligibility for loan using Credit score by Rating Agencies

Multi-Bureau integration

Driverless AI

ACT21 Software brings cutting-edge innovation to the banking and financial industry by providing reasoning and transparency into AI lead decisions. In partnership with we present to you an award-winning Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) platform – Driverless AI.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexibility of Data and Deployment
  • NVIDIA GPU Acceleration
  • Automatic Data Visualization (Autovis)
  • Automatic Feature Engineering
  • Automatic Model Documentation
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Machine Learning Interpretability (MLI)
  • Custom Recipe Support
  • Automatic Reason Codes
  • Automatic Scoring Pipelines

Anomaly, Fraud, and Bad Credit Detection

Customer Churn and Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Prediction

Bad Credit Detection

Credit Risk Scoring

Happy Clients

ACT21 Software has served the top banks and NBFCs in India. Here is an exhaustive list of clients we have been associated with for 8 years of our existence.

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Our solutions have helped customers embark on the journey of digital transformation and achieve reduction in costs. We have outlined a case study of one of our biggest NBFC client for your reference.

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About ACT21 Software

ACT21 Software has served the top banks and NBFCs in India. Here is an exhaustive list of clients we have been associated with for 8 years of our existence.

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Since 8 years they have been harnessing the power of advanced computing, hyper-automation, cloud, analytics, and emerging technologies to deliver incredible value through our champion solutions.